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Picture taken on Primrose HIll , London 1989 ca. by Sergio Bondioni
After many years in a frozen state this old project comes up again with a new shape. This trio played in Italy from 1981 and in England from 1988 to 1990 and recorded so many song. Some of them have been re-recorded and arranged in a newer way and will be delivered to public throughout 2018. Drop of love is their first release, the original composition was written in 1984.
Recorded in the Soundfactor - Movingnoise HQ Rome

  • Drums - Toni Impeduglia
  • Guitars - Gianni Tarquini
  • Bass and Keys - Carlo Delicati

Production and mixing - Soundfactor

Skin on Skin

Our last release preview. Skin on Skin feat Brama

One light

Second Release of the upcoming album

Drop of love

Our first song of the upcoming album
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