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Пьетро Деликати

An old document appears in my house, inside an old box where my aunts used to keep memories and little things from our family past. A story that starts in Loreto, a beautiful town in central-north of Italy. This man with my surname and my grand grand father name, was a composer, like me, working for Alexander II in Saint Peterbourgh in Russia at court. He was sent with Count Nesserod to Vienna, as translator, where all kings of Europe where meeting to establish what we call Europe today. I started searching something he wrote and I finally succeeded finding some music sheets in the Conservatorio of Bologna. Annarosa, the responsible person for the archive and teacher in the same school, fell in love with my research that I share with my cousin Monia, and we had our copy of the sheets. We had a visual and physical contact with the original papers and it was fantastic !

The Recording Project


Music sheets

This is the book with six songs composed for the Countess Maria Hondedei for vocal,
piano ( clavicembalo ) and guitar.

The Recording location

An historic residence close to Bologna is the perfect location for recording and filming the music od Pietro Delicati

The Maestro Document

This is the copy of the document found in the drawer

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